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Aging FAQ

Vici Wellness Group supports aging wellness needs across inflammation, skin, hair, hormone, metabolic, cognitive, and bone health. We chose each category deliberately with a holistic approach to the most common concerns. The first signs of aging typically appear in your skin. Hair loss coincides with life events such as inflammation, stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and aging. Addressing these problems starts with focusing on the root cause. Our goal is to help our customers not just treat symptoms but also understand what’s causing those symptoms, particularly as our bodies change as we age.

What types of aging wellness support does VICI Wellness Group offer?

Subjective age is how old you feel. A growing body of research shows that lowering your subjective age leads to better outcomes — better memory, greater strength, and younger brain age, to name a few. Many factors contribute to how old you feel. At a high level, they fall into categories that impact your visible age, psychological age, and lifestyle age.

What is subjective age?

There is robust research ongoing in the field of aging.  While one cannot decrease your time on earth, we can make you feel younger by proving a tailored plan to “turn back the clock” physiologically through behavioral modification, diet, supplements and other treatment modalities that help health span.

Can you Reverse Aging?

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