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Vici Wellness Group Fee Schedule

At this time we do not accept insurance, we offer a cash pay program.

A valid credit card must be on file for monthly payments.

  • Complete Health Assessment

  • Lab Discussion and/orLab Ordering *Lab fees not included

  • Lab Follow Up in Second Visit 

  • Treatment Plan

Initial Visit
  • Membership for Vitamin IV's

  • Monthly Follow Up/Wellness Checks

  • 10% off Supplements

Monthly Membership
  •  VIP Membership to Vitamin Infusions

  • 20% off Supplements

  • Text Communication with Dr. Mery M-F 8-5

  • 1 Free Immune Boost IV infusion

  • Monthly Follow Up/Wellness Checks

VIP Membership
  • Pay as you go in person or virtual follow-up visits, eligible after initial visit.

  • *Discounted $30 if you pay up front for 5 visits or more. Discounted price is $195 per visit.

Follow-Up visits
  • Schedule two or more from the same family on the same day get $50 off each for new patient visits and $25 off each visit for follow-up visits. 

  • Follow-up discount and pre-pay discount cannot be combined. 

Family Discounts
  •  Refills outside of visit

  •  Patient paperwork

Medical Management


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