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 Each of our peptides are curated to help with specific health and wellness concerns, which means you will certainly be able to find a therapy that will work for your needs. 
Immune Support: Thymosin alpha-1
Athletic Performance & Body Composition: CJC-1295 /Ipamorelin
Body Protective & Repair Complex: BPC-157
Body Composition & Libido: MK-677

BPC-157 is a peptide that is used to promote healing and recovery. This is a gastric peptide that promotes healthy bones, joints, and tendons; this peptide is also known to promote healthy gums and organs like the liver or pancreas. The main role of this peptide is to protect against the development of ulcers and promote gut health and to assist the immune system 70% of which is all in the gut. This peptide can be taken as an oral or injectable treatment daily for up to 12 weeks. 

Some key benefits of BPC-157 include:

  • Faster healing after injury

  • Regulates blood cells and blood pressure.

  • Minimizes post-exercise aches.

  • Decreases inflammation.

  • Healthy gum support

  • Promotes gut health.

BPC-157 is compounded both as a capsule and injectable. The capsule is specific to repairing the GI tract whereas the injection has been shown to repair gut function- but is primarily used to repair tendons and muscle tissue following injury or surgery. 

We’ve seen amazing results with injectable and oral versions of this peptide. Even healing torn rotator cuffs and knee injuries preventing the need for surgery.

CJC-1295 paired with another peptide known as Ipamorelin, is a combination peptide that is known for assisting in weight loss, athletic performance, and managing age-related concerns. 

This peptide is a growth hormone releasing hormone and a growth hormone secretagogue that focuses mainly on cellular repair and regeneration. This peptide promotes both the production and release of your body’s own natural growth hormones without increasing hunger or stress hormones. It is delivered through a nightly injection for at least 3 months. 

Benefits of this peptide include:

  • Aid in fat burning

  • Help build muscle.

  • Increase bone density.

  • Promote tissue repair post-injury.

  • Enhance athletic performance.

  • Increase energy and strength.

  • Improve skin elasticity.

  • Correct insomnia

  • Promote the immune system.

Benefits for patients on CJC1295/Ipamorelin shown over the first six weeks of the protocol may include improvements in:

Week 1- Quality of Sleep

Week 2- Workout Recovery

Week 3- Mental Clarity

Week 4- Skin Elasticity

Weeks 5 & 6- Body Composition

Thymosin alpha-1 (Ta-1) is a powerful modulator of immunity and inflammation. Studies have shown that Ta-1 plays a role in decreasing the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases by decreasing continual inflammation and supporting immunity. Ta-1 regulates the immune response by primarily acting on cells of the innate immune system, acting as an endogenous regulator of both inflammatory and adaptive immune responses. 

Benefits of Thymosin alpha-1:

  • Improved host defense to infection

  • Reverses immunosuppression due to chronic infection

  • Increases antioxidant and glutathione production.

  • Boosts natural killer cell function.

  • Decreases respiratory complications associated with asthma, allergies, and COPD.

  • Neurologic regeneration and protection in post stroke, traumatic brain injury, Lyme, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, and more

  • Stimulates stem cell activity and proliferation.

Thymosin alpha-1 is compounded into sublingual tablets, which dissolve under the tongue. 

MK-677, or Ibutamoren, is another peptide that promotes growth hormones and is known to support healthy bones, tissues, sleeping patterns, and also stimulate the metabolism. The main role of this peptide is to rebuild tissues and muscles, as well as promote the development of bones and tissues. 

The key benefits of this peptide include:

  • Decrease muscle wasting.

  • Promote muscle building.

  • Improve bone density.

  • Help repair nerve damage.

  • Boost metabolism

  • Increase libido.

  • Improve sleep quality.

Many recreational bodybuilding cycle logs report gaining over 10-15 pounds of muscle from one 12 week cycle of Ibutamoren.


KPV may offer various benefits such as accelerated wound healing, reduction in infection, fighting inflammation, and leading to better post surgery results. KPV can be helpful to those addressing: Autoimmune disease. IBS, IBD, Mast Cell Activation, or Crohns.

  • Speeds wound healing

  • Reduces infection

  • Fights inflammation

  • Used to Treat Eczema

  • Used to treat Acne

  • Used to Treat Psoriasis

  • Used in Mast Cell Activation

It is known that TB4 promotes wound-healing and tissue-repair. It promotes dermal healing and corneal wound healing and improves heart function after myocardial infarction

  • Speeds Wound Healing

  • Improves Tissue Regeneration

  • Aids in Tissue Remodeling

What is TB4 frag used for?

TB4 has been found to play an important role in protection, regeneration, and remodeling of injured or damaged tissues. Thymosin Beta 4 is usually used for acute injury, surgical repair, and patients that were once athletes that accumulated injury over their lifetime. It is also used as a way to improve inflammation.


  • Faster global healing after injury and surgery

  • Promotes tissue regeneration.

  • Minimizes post-exercise aches.

  • Decreases inflammation.

TB4 Frag

Epitalon sometimes referred to as epithalon, epithalone, epithalamin, or epithalamine is a synthetic peptide believed to have anti-aging properties.  It is a tetrapeptide with the amino acid sequence Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly and the molecular formula C14H22N409 1.  It works by inducing telomere elongation.

  • Anti-Aging Properties

  • Reduced Stress & Tension

  • Improved Sleep

  • Prolonged Cell Life

  • Normalized Cell Function

Epitalon focuses on improving the A) immune system and B) neuroendocrine system.

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